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What is travel insurance?

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Programme Coverage
For the duration of the insurance coverage, the Insurance Company “INTERAMERICAN ASSISTANCE GENERAL INSURANCE SA”, offers the Insured the coverage stated in the following table, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, as stated in the Insurance Terms Booklet that you have received.

    Medical transportation of the insured to a suitable hospital as well as his repatriation to his place of residence provided the medical condition requires transportation. Unlimited cost
    24 hour medical advice by doctors of every speciality. Unlimited cost
    Reimbursement of expenses paid for a scheduled trip due to cancellation because of health reasons of the Insured or close relative. 10.000€
    Indemnification for loss of life of the insured due to an accident. 30.000€
    Indemnification for loss of life due to an accident that incurred to the entire group of Insured individuals during the same incident. 300.000€
    Coverage of hospitalisation expenses for an incident that did not occur in the permanent country of residence. 6.000€
    Outpatient medical expenses. 500€
    Personal liability against third parties for material damages. 10.000€
    Permanent or temporary disability due to accident. 6.000€
    Legal support expenses for lawyers fees and court costs. 3.000€
    Transportation of the deceased’s body. 3.500€
    Repatriation of the non-insured members of the Insured’s family. Unlimited cost
    Ticket for a close relative of the Insured to arrive at the location of the incident and undertake the care of the minor children. Unlimited cost
    Transportation and accommodation expenses of a close relative of the Insured, if he needs hospitalisation. Accommodation for 5 days
    Early return ticket and a ticket to return to the travel destination. Unlimited cost
    Overnight stay in case of theft of personal documents or cash. 100€
    Loss or theft of luggage. 750€
    Flight departure delay in excess of 4 hours. 200€
    Flight departure delay in excess of 24 hours. 600€
    Luggage arrival delay in excess of 4 hours following the Insured’s arrival. 600€
  • 20€ per person

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